Hello, my name’s Shania (she/her)

As a Web Design and Development student, I’m learning principles of Sociology, Visual Design, Communications, and Computer Science. By understanding Web Design and Development as an interdisciplinary practice, I'm able to develop ethical concepts and team-building skills that support Social Good projects and advocacy work. On the side, I like volunteering with local QTPOC initiatives in the Creative, Civic Tech, Public Health, and business spaces.

One thing I can't live without

My support system. As a first generation U.S. college student and immigrant from Baguio City, Philippines, I had a rocky start navigating college. Despite some of my peers telling me about their "dream careers", this wasn't something I could safely explore on my own. Only until I started to grow my network, learn more about my identity and history, and learn from inclusive design communities, then I began to feel welcomed and confident in the Tech space.

My Productivity tools

My current activities