HackBeanpot Camping theme reveal social post in blue

HackBeanpot 2021 Concept Development

Role:Social & Outreach Designer
Project: HackBeanpot 2021
Tools: Figma, Google Drive, Slack, Trello, Zoom
Location: Remote
Duration: April 2020 - March 2021
Brand Identity
Concept Development


  • Core members have different interpretations of HackBeanpot
  • HackBeanpot traditionally has a theme, so we need to come up with an original concept


Since this was my first time contributing to a long-term hackathon event management project, I never had to think about the scope beyond the hacker experience before. Additionally, this is the first time HackBean Core had to organize a virtual hackathon in a completely virtual space during a pandemic.

Before the Design team could start brainstorming theme ideas for HackBeanpot 2021, we had to first run through our brand strategy and our "bean voice" (our brand voice).

Team Branding Activities

Styling Our Brand

2021 brand colors all the brand components scrambled

As a result...

Brand Development Accomplishments

  • Set brand voice guidelines
  • Defined HackBeanpot's persona
  • Developed user personas for Hackers, Collaborators, Judges, and Sponsors

Design Team Accomplishments

  • Participated in brainstorming sessions and feedback activities
  • Created a successful design system
  • Utilized versatile design components available on figma
Sneek peek before theme reveal post
Instagram Theme Reveal
Hackathon applications


Having prior experience organizing and volunteering for affinity clubs and art pop ups definitely made this learning curve easier.

As a collective, we needed to come up with a hackathon theme that focuses on promoting positive learning experiences in the Tech space without excluding fields like Design or Project Management. Working with everyone was an amazing opportunity that helped me grow as a Designer, organizer, and student. It certainly wasn't easy building a virtual event for 300+ people!