One Down Internship

Role: Web Design Intern
Project: Website Redesign
Tools: Figma, Google Analytics, Squarespace
Location: Remote
Duration: September 19 - October 31
Web Design
UI Design
Brand Identity

Who's One Down?

One Down is a Filipino-American multimedia publishing platform on the rise. With a growing Facebook following of 47,000+ people, this company wanted to redesign their website to have an official website that was on par with other leading cultural media publishers like mitú, and buzzfeed, . The stakeholders I communicated with on a weekly basis were Grazian Moreno (Director of Marketing and Brand Partnerships) and Leo Albea (Co-Founder & Creative Director).


  • People were spending a maximum average of 10 seconds on the site
  • People were dropping off at the home page
  • The site didn't quite match One Down's visual brand

Original website pain points

Highlighting original navigation setup. The video did not load when I took this screenshot, which is why the photo is mostly black. A snapshot image of the call to action button on the homepage after the video. A close look at the footer from the original website

Goals for this project

  • Increase session counts in Users Flow
  • Setup the home page to become a landing page
  • Make the site be on par with other culture and society media websites

Between the stakeholders and I, we determined that the site's Minimum Viable Product required the homepage, video, and article pages.


A basic visual guide on how to understand the web design


In the Videos section, my initial goal was to create a gallery view of all the media content One Down produced. However, I was sourcing these videos from Youtube and Facebook, which made the videos at different dimensions.

I had to quickly familiarize myself with Squarespace 7.0 because the website was running on this version. I initally drafted multiple web layouts thinking I would use all the features from Squarespace 7.1, but that was not the case. If I didn't update my wireframes, it would've costed the business $216 dollars to renew the plan and update the template base.

Website snapshots

Landing page snapshot
Social Campaign page snapshot, 'Breaking the Tabo'

As a result...


  • By redesigning the site’s Information Architecture, average session duration rate increased by 64% and the bounce rate decreased by 23.8% in October and November
  • Aligned the website with the visual brand
  • Made the social campaign the "call to action" on the home page
  • Listed the recent and trending content on the home page so that viewers can visit other pages on the site.

For the Editorial and Video sections of the site, I couldn't seem to find an option to make one section of the page a different color than the rest of the page, so I injected CSS thanks to the site’s Business plan features.


Looking back, I now understand why I should have done a user survey in the beginning. This way, I could understand why people seeked out One Down's website instead of sticking to their social media profiles. At the end of October, the visitors and user engagement didn’t match up with the big audience on their Facebook platform, but there was still progress! Based on the data from Google Analytics, people were actively browsing the site. The articles section was a hit, especially for the last article in the October Filipino American History Month series.

In addition to my work, I wanted to help Grazian better understand the Squarespace 7.0 site editor. As the temporary individual Web Designer for the media platform, I thought that making a visual guide would help the core team in the future.

    What I learned

  • I need to know how to effectively hand off a project
  • Don't assume user interests
  • Squarespace’s design features are very different depending on which version you’re on.